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LIRA 9.2

Oct 31, 2006 What's New in LIRA 9.2 (in comparison with LIRA 9.0)
  1. Analysis
    • enhanced solver with realization of advanced algorithms for generating and solving large sparse linear systems of equations. These algorithms will help you perform analysis 5-10 times faster;
    • new FE types including FE of friction, solid nonlinear FE of soil, thick slabs and shells, geometrically nonlinear FE of bar and shell with account of large deformations (FE of Landau-Lifshits);
    • hinges of finite rigidity in bars;
    • new modules for earthquake analysis according to (a) building codes of Ukraine and (b) 3D models of Mr Nazarov and Mr Egupov;
    • enhanced stability analysis with calculation of the first three buckling modes;
    • DCL analysis for the fragment (foundation) with account of dynamic components.
  2. Additional special solvers
    • BRIDGE - for analysis of moving loads and influence surfaces;
    • ASSEMBLAGE plus - for analysis and design of structures at the stage of assemblage with account of seasonal variation of material (concrete) properties, disassemblage of temporary supports, climate variation, etc.
    • Dynamics plus - time-history analysis that enables you to simulate behaviour of the structure under dynamic loads with account of nonlinearity;
  3. Graphics
    • generating grids from almost equilateral FEs (without special points like poles, etc.) on spherical and parabolic surfaces;
    • generating 3D surfaces of z=f(x,y) type on arbitrary contours;
    • generating folded surfaces from FE of bars and plates;
    • automatic generation of FE model of the guy cable based on either cable sag or real length;
    • procedure for transforming and increasing density of FE grids by different criteria;
    • renumbering and selecting nodes and elements of design model by different criteria;
    • specifying arbitrary piecewise linear load on plates and bars;
    • automatically transforming fragments of design model to super-elements (SE) and vice versa;
    • specifying construction lines and levels;
    • user-defined colour palette for analysis results visualization;
    • arrangement of local axes for solids.
  4. Options
    • save graphic data about the problem in different graphic formats;
    • export-import of design models between LIRA and STARK-ЕС;
    • hotline support: capability to contact Technical Support team directly from the program. The file you are working on can be sent along with your email message;
    • AutoSave of files;
    • delete working and temporary files of previous problems.
  5. LIR-VISOR module
    • supplementary data about the problem is presented in the Open dialog box;
    • prompt packing of the model with account of large number of criteria;
    • more PolyFilter options;
    • simplified procedure for assembling design model from other design models;
    • improved procedure for specifying dead weight;
    • simplified and improved procedure for specifying coupled DOF for nodes, 'throwing nodes apart' and specifying hinges in plates;
    • detailed information about projections of length and areas that are measured;
    • displaying forces in specific FE, including 1-node FE, as mosaic plots;
    • new flags of drawing.
  6. LIR-STC module
    • selection and check of new sections:
      • built-up channels of the following shapes and
      • rectangle
      • three pipes with diagonal lacing system of pipes and round rods
      • channel and I-section with lacing system (Channel section may be rolled, cold-formed, welded from 3 plates or a plate and angles. I-section may be rolled and built-up. Lacing system may be of various shape and may consist of diagonal elements only or diagonal and horizontal elements as well.)
    • check of all sections but cable, single angle and cross angles subject to compression and bending;
    • analysis by Eurocode 3 is updated for edition of year 1992. LIR-STC module in version 9.2 performs analysis for sections of classes 1…3 according to Eurocode 3.1.1 (ENV 1993-1-1:1992 E). Analysis according to Eurocode can be completely traced in HTML format;
    • analysis by forces from load cases.
  7. LIR-ARM module
    • determining reinforcement for bars with account of their design parameters: for bar - symmetric reinforcement, for beam - reinforcement asymmetric about one axis, for column - symmetric reinforcement;
    • determining reinforcement for T-section and I-section with account of location of reinforcement (either in web or in flanges);
    • account of double rebars in the corner zones of the bar section during analysis of reinforcement;
    • determining reinforcement for bars till the specified maximum percentage of reinforcement.
  8. LIR-SB module
    • import and export section contours to/from DXF format;
    • calculation of neutral axes and plastic section modulus of the section;
    • report with analysis results in detail.

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